What is Fun Things To Do On Facebook about?

Have you run out of things to do on Facebook?
Are you bored on Facebook?

Then this site, which contains lots of fun things to do on Facebook, is for you.

We have lots of funny Facebook status updates, notes, links to applications, and many more fun things to do on Facebook. All this is sure to keep you entertained on Facebook.


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Use the tetris friends application to play some tetris. There are several different versions from a marathon game to a 2 minute sprint. Challenge your friends and compete for the high score.

Start The Fun HERE.


Anonymous said...

Tetris owns, especially the Sprint 5P where you have to clear 40 lines faster than your opponents. It keeps you busy for hours.

Matti said...

Seriously tetris is fun and i have given hours of my life to it, although i prefer the marathon game myself.

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