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Funny Facebook Status Updates

Here is a list of funny Facebook status updates. Update your Facebook status with these funny Facebook status updates and enjoy :)

...enjoys talking in third person way too much.

...is updating his status to let you know his status is that he has no status.

...is getting behind early so he has plenty of time to catch up.

...is wondering why the chicken actually crossed the road. WHY?

...is eliminating, removing, and getting rid of redundancy in his life.

...that's what she said.

...is thinking about how everyone seems to have their face in a book but no one seems to be reading much anymore.

...is glad Facebook does not have a 140 character limit like Twitter, because sometimes i can just ramble on and on about nothing, i mean i will be talking about something one minute and then something completely different the next.

...is wondering if i will get a notification if i like my own status. Lets find out.

...says that all of his true friends will like this status. Are you his true friend?

...is putting a quote as his status- "It depends on what the meaning of the word 'is' is" -Bill Clinton.

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