What is Fun Things To Do On Facebook about?

Have you run out of things to do on Facebook?
Are you bored on Facebook?

Then this site, which contains lots of fun things to do on Facebook, is for you.

We have lots of funny Facebook status updates, notes, links to applications, and many more fun things to do on Facebook. All this is sure to keep you entertained on Facebook.


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Photo Comment Attack

Upload a picture with lots of your friends in it, or get a random picture with lots of faces to tag. Then tag a whole bunch of your friends in the picture. Then get a friend to help you comment on the picture, have a conversation between the two of you, and be creative. People will get notifications for each comment and with so many people tagged and getting notifications others will join in or scream for the comments to stop. Be warned though, this can drag on for a very long time and the notifications will pile up, so enjoy at your own risk.


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